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Tremendous varieties of technologies is getting developed day by day in all aspects of life. Not only in our day to day basic necessities but also in our all aspects of a day.
Entertainment is an inevitable part of our life. We Never think of how it all happens. Television is one of the most popular among one of the entertainment providers. We all Atleast spend an hour before television for a refreshing
So now here I introduce a new technology which is the most of the cable TV providers use to provide us service or it's the factor that is making us able to view programmes using cable TV
This technology is mainly developed for cable TV operators . It's nothing other than a eight port node This is a CATV related product. Basically node is an optical receiver. The specialty of this node is which makes it different from the existing is this works with out power .

How does an 8 port node works ?

This node works without power. A miili volt is produced in the diode when an optical signal is connected to the node.This voltage is driven from the pin diode using a 4.7 MHz coil and RF out is taken.To reduce the output loss of Voltage disc capacitor is used here. And also to reduce the output signal losses capacitors are again used. Thus the out is divided into 8 and an 8 port node is made by

FTTP-NODE working without power 

8 RF output 
Output level 60dB (0dbm optic)
Input optical power 0~-10
Frequency Range 40-1000MHz
Optical connector SC/APC
Designed for FTTP purpose
High quality picture
6 months warranty
No power required
8-way RFoutput with equal

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