What is the difference between FTTH&FTTP Node

What is FTTH node ??

Fiber to the home shortly FTTH . Optical cables are generally made of one or more optical fibres which are functionally designed to carry light. These optical fibres have the width of human hair and are covered with two layers plastic to create a mirror surface around the fibres. The principle of working of optical signals is based on total internal reflection. By using optical fibre cable Mso's (multiple system operator ) can directly take the signals to the customers. The function of FTTH node is to convert the signal into RF signal thus by doing a function of optical converter.This node works on low input of optical signal and also this node produces the RF signal required for one TV to get picture on


FTTP node ( Fiber to the post ) is known for its function which gives high RF output signal by the same time it divides the out without any loss.

  • No dividing loss in dBm
  • Fully Earth shielded Technology
  • Picture Quality Extend upto 150 mtr

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