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Here we introduce a intelligent power saver. As the name suggests it intelligently saves the power with the help of a very small electronic technology..Let's get in
For example a hall is considered which can be seated a 100 persons..  The hall will be well occupied with lights and fans . As we all now do what is switching all the switches of lights and all occasionally without considering weather the space of function is occupied or not

By following such a procedure we are loosing a huge amount of energy all the times.. For reducing such a situation we can introduce a new technology over there such as the intelligent power saver.. It need to be placed over the main entrance of the hall..the equipments used mainly here is sensor

The sensor occupied here will count the number of people entering the hall and the count will be seen on the respective display counter.. As persons enter the room it counts them and automatically switches the light fan and accessories for the count

Here in this demo vedio as the first five person enter the hall the light required for them ( only one bulb ) is lighted .. and when the count exceeded five the next bulb Lighted.. simultaneously while the step out from the hall..the reversed version is available

It probably reduces the unwanted usage of energy in a unscientific application of this will reduce it to a greater extent

The other applications of this can be done on school, offices, in buses, in cattle farms, etc

By using a bit more technical assistance this can do a great changes in several fields...

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