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I have been an entrepreneur for the last 5 years and has proved as one of the leading manufacturer of
fiber optic, networking telecommunication and industrial electronics with sales and marketing of
CATV products to customers from all over India. I have gained much experience and reputation for
the quality and excellence of the service.
Having gained higher education from Kerala Board, I started working with a reputed networking manufacturing company in Palakkad and became an TV Cable operator and dealer. Then, I went on to start my own online firm, shameercable.com in 2013. Thousands of products have been sold since then. Customers from different parts of India are highly satisfied with the quality of the products and the excellence in service.
Our typically sold products are CATV Products, such as; FTTH Note, Hybrid amplifier, Node Amplifier, CATV power supply, CATV transmitter, and fiber optical products such as, OFC cables, media converters, fiber patch cords, couplets, splitters, Termination box, OLT and ONU. We also sell coaxial wires like RG6, CCTV products, CCTV power supply, and all other electronic components, such as ; MMOSFETS, SMD components, electrolytic capacitors. All types of chargers, adopters, SMP components and many more are available .
Being my motto ‘’Honesty and Genuinity” , I work hard and take every effort to ensure the customers satisfaction. Delivering the genuine products at a reasonable cost is the reason for my story of success.

Spacenet electronics 
AT complex 
Mettupalayam Street 
Contact +919447591712
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