Mini EDFA Erbium-doped Fiber Amplifier For india

Mini Erbium-doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA)

Our new reliable 1550nm  mini Erbium-doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA) now comes at a low price with customized standardized new solutions. The Mini EDFA ensure our customer's requirement and delivered in varied technical specifications.
Original New JDSU-Lumentum Laser EDFA last long and adopts 5V power adapter with five levels of voltage protection. It comes in a convenient small size for placement and Improved operational efficiency.

It is extremely stable under all operating conditions and provides a very high level of system performance at a very reasonable cost.

Output power - 4 * 16dBm
Input power range – 3 to 10 dBm
The microprocessor software has a laser condition monitor, digital display fault warning and network management.
Advanced automatic power control (APC) and automatic temperature Control circuit ( ATC ) to ensure the performance Low noise figure and high gain; Input & output optical isolator
Complete Aluminum body for better performance and heat dissipation
Optional SNMP functionality
Storage temperature range from -30 to +70
Weight : 0.65 kg


Our module light pumped laser and ERBIUM-DOPED FIBER is used by the original binding compost from the USA.
We have a reliable optical light power output stabilizing and laser electrical refrigerator to control the circuit's guaranteed the complete machine optimum performance and the laser long-life study work.
The microprocessor software has a laser condition monitor, digital display fault warning, network management, and various functions. Once the laser's operational parameters deviate software establishes permission scope, it will close the laser's power automatically. The red light coruscates, prompt alarm and digitizing tablet point out fault cause.
This machine adopts a 5V power adapter, With five levels of voltage protection. Use safer and more convenient.

1.schematic diagram

1550nm CATV EDFA Block Diagram
2.Technical Parameters
3.1 link test conditions
Special Note: equipment technical parameters given in this manual is a reference to GY/T 184-2002 the jeep analog fiber amplifier test methods under the technical requirements and methods of measurement, measured and, under the following test conditions.
Test conditions: and standard fiber and standard light receiver composition test chain road, and in provides of chain road loss conditions Xia, in 550MHZ frequency range within configuration 59 a PAL-D simulation TV channels signal, in 550MHZ-826MHZ frequency range within transfer digital modulation signal, digital modulation signal of level (8MHZ bandwidth within) than simulation signal of carrier level low10 dB, light receiver entered power for -1 dBm shi, measurement carrier combination three order poor took than (C/CTB), and carrier combo the second beat of the street (C/CSO) and carrier to noise ratio (C/N).
3.2 technical datasheet

v.External functional description
5.1 front panel description
1) power indicator: when the lamp is it when the internal switching power supply.
2) input optical power led: input optical power greater than -15 dBm the lamp is lit

v1. after-sales service

1.I promise: products are free warranty for 3 years (to paste the factory serial number on the side of the device is identified by the factory starting time of day), and lifelong maintenance. Due to user misuse or irresistible natural factors caused by equipment failure, we will only be responsible for the maintenance, material costs and charge the appropriate fee. 
2. If the device fails, you should immediately contact your local dealer, or call 
3. fault device requires action by professional technicians on-site, so as to avoid 
4. Special Note: for devices that vas to open the maintenance by the user, v our customer service center equipment damage. 4. Special Note: the company will not be free warranty, only to the warranty and reasonable maintenance costs and material costs will be charged Cleaning and maintenance method for fiber optic connector And a lot of times, we will drop light power outlet ais judgments for optical equipment failure, the actual fiber optic connector may be caused by dust or dirt, pollution

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