3 port node

3 port node

Video channels were first provided through the cable TV networks from the time being.. later with more number of channels RF were introduced into the stream.. amplification is required in many areas of transmission there by paved a way for power pass to get onto the stream. Later transmission of number of channels with well maintained quality and service became an important factor for operators and there ofc optical fibre cable gained the value... Initially analog signals were provided through ofc later digital signal were also being provided nowadays At the beginning signals of wavelength 1310 were transmitted later changed to  1550 for long distance transmission.

When the transmission of input signal increased signala were directly driven towards Homes using optical converters .. Technically and practically it was an expensive process for implementing it in all areas of connection individually... So dividing of the optical signal from the converter has been done and connections were provided to each areas respective of division.

FTTP-NODE Working without power 


No power required
Optical connector SC/APC
RF connector male
Input optical power 0~-15
Frequency Range 40-1000MHz
Designed For FTTP Purpose
Pvc Casing
Small and Cute Design
3-way RFoutput with equal

Spacenet electronics 
A.T. Complex
Mettupalayam Street
Contact +919447591712
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