HDMI to optical

HDMI fibre optic transceivers

This product professional committed to the hd VGA signal transmission,support the highest resolution up to 1920×1080@ 60 hz, support high fidelity audio 1 road 


  1. The product of transmitter and a receiver ,transmitter used for computer used for docking, pick up the TV receiver
  2. REST can be adjusted corresponding resolution of the screen
  3. HDMI pick up the TV transmitter connect computer, receiver
  4. FIBR optical interface welding after the fibre connection of a transmitter and areceiver 
  5. DC-5V Allowed within 5 v voltage of the power adapter

  1. PWR power indicator light,normally on after the power supply
  2. FIBRE fibre optic light, optical fibre can not bright,optical fibre communication normal constants
  3. DATA Normally on after data lamp, VGA signal, data communication
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Price ₹ 16000 Free delivery 

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