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Electric post climber

Electricity is a dangerous task to try your inexperienced hands at. It should be done under expert supervision or with immense knowledge and experience otherwise the consequences might be much favorable. This is why the electric pole climbers have an increasingly high demand in the region due to the same reason that explains why anyone cannot perform the electrical work without proper tools and sufficient understanding.
For this purpose, it had become essential to creating a design for pole climbing for the electricians who play with their valuable lives to solve the electricity problem by climbing up the pole witrh the help of the unreliable methode

The electric post climber is the latest invention in town that has currently become the center of attraction for the technicians who mostly work on the field. The climber is basically in the form of the slippers to make it easy for the user to wear it and then climb the pole without any chances of failure

What is an electric post climber?

An electric post climber is a tool invented by the local craftsmen, which is solely meant for the purpose of climbing the concrete electric poles. The electric post climber does not have any extra equipment attached to it such as a rope etc. In fact, the slippers are alone responsible for climbing the pole with the help of the hands and feet that have been fixed into the metal slippers. 

How does it work?

The mechanism of the electric post climber is simple, here is how it works:
  • The slippers should be thoroughly checked before experimenting by climbing the electric pole.
  •  When the user steps into the slippers, takes the first step and starts climbing the pole, the metal locks itself in the concrete due to which it does not slip or move despite bearing the heavyweight.
  • The hands should be used with the gloves on or off, to take support from the above and climb up the pole without any disturbance and interference from the irritating ropes or additional equipment
Benefits of an electric post climber 

The newly invented tool for pole climbing i.e. the electric post climber has numerous benefits into its account, some of which include:

1. Affordable:

      The electric post climber is specially designed in terms of affordability for the local technicians to make the most of this product. This is to make sure that no one refrains himself from using this useful tool for being expensive otherwise, it will reject its main purpose also i.e. a secure pole-climbing task for the linemen and electricians.

   2. Productive:

The productivity for climbing the electric pole increases when the electric post climber is used. This means that the more secure the climber will feel with minimum hassle, the better will the performance be with improved and effective results. 


The electric post climber is accessible for everyone to use regardless of the experience and knowledge because of the simple mechanism that can be understood after viewing the demo also. 

  4.  Easy handling: 

The electric post climber is easy to handle by the technician without any requirement of holding on to a rope or anything else because all you got to is to put the feet in the slippers and get going with the pole-climbing experience. 

An electric post climber has become the talk of the town for all the right reasons. This is also why the local technicians are looking forward to experimenting with this extremely helpful tool for making their work convenient and simpler. If you need more information about the electric post climber you can contact the expert at 
Spacenet electronics
 A.T Complex 
Mettupalayam Street
Contact +919447591712 
or email at Shameercable@gmail.com

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